BE+R arQuitectes is a Catalan architectural firm, based in Esparreguera (Barcelona). In the last decade, the office has carried out around fifty office and housing projects. In addition, the agency has been active in the field of renovation and restoration, as well as urban planning and interior design.

The office work is characterized by its pragmatic approach. The location, the program and budget determine the final colour of each project, while comfort and spatial qualities of the projects -both architectural and urban- follow a clearly recognizable line.

During the development of projects the office coordinates all the design phases and construction process, counting on the support of an extensive professional network.

In recent years BE+R arQuitectes has provided its services to private clients, developers, private and public companies and the towns of Esparreguera, Sant Celoni, Sant Esteve de Sesrovires and Cervelló.


The work of BE+R arQuitectes is divided into three main groups:


The application and research on industrialization in architecture include both private and social housing and public works. The interest in industrialization is based on environmental considerations and on the desire to improve the efficiency and to reduce the cost of construction, in both cases meeting a certain social need.


Local architecture means not only the geographical location, but also the importance of the ‘couleur locale’ of each project. At a local scale (Catalonia), the office has carried out a wide range of projects: from planning and public works to residential buildings, private homes, renovations and restorations.


To deliver a complete project, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest detail; in interior design projects special attention is paid to materials, lighting, furniture and graphic design.

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